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Kyogen performance

Japan's traditional performing arts of Noh and Kyogen developed together in the 14th century during the Muromachi period (1333-1573). Today, they are thought of together as the art of Nogaku, or as Noh & Kyogen.
Kyogen is a kind of spoken drama that is based upon laughter and comedy. In contrast to Noh, it uses the everyday life of the common people in feudal society or folk tales as its subject, and realistically depicts a kind of "Everyman" figure. This dynamic art - whose typical main character is a servant named Taro Kaja - evokes a gentle and entertaining humor.
Noh and Kyogen have, from the very beginning, been performed upon the same stage. Both Noh, through its pursuit of a symbolic ideal beauty, and Kyogen, through its realistic expression of humor, portray the true essence of human nature, and have been passed down to us today in these mutually complementary roles.
In modern times, Noh and Kyogen have both been highly acclaimed around the world for their great artistic value, and in 2001, UNESCO added the dual art of Nogaku to its Intangible Cultural Heritage list as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Sited from: An Introduction to Noh & Kyogen

Kyogen (Nor farce) : Binding up  棒縛(ぼうしばり)

This is a story of a master and two servants.

The two servants, Taro and Jiro, always drink master's sake while he is out. When he wants to go out next time, his idea is to bind up both of them. Then he demonstrates how to use a stick as a weapon to both of them and while they are enjoying it and are losing their attention he binds up both of them to the stick.
However when the master went out, the two servants, whilst being bound up, had a good idea of letting the other drink. Then they started a party by singing and dancing. Then the master came back and......


Date and Venue

Date: 18th 16:30-17:30 (30min. Kyogen performance + 30min. English explanation)
Venue: Kashokaku Noh-theater
160-1, Saihojicho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan.


Date: 18th 19:00-21:00
Venue: Manshige (Traditional Japanese Restaurant)
9-1, Shibaomiyacho, Kamigyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, Japan.