Invited Talk: 18th Sunday, 10:00-11:00

Antoni Gaudí and his Role in Forming a Traditional Craft and Digital Culture Continuum

Professor Mark Burry
(Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, University of Melbourne, Australia)

Professor Mark Burry is a practising architect who has published internationally two main themes: the life, work and theories of the architect Antoni Gaudí, and putting theory into practice with regard to 'challengin' architecture. He has been Senior Architect to the Sagrada Família Basilica Foundation since 1979 pioneering distant collaboration with his colleagues based on-site in Barcelona.
In December 2014 Mark Burry joined the University of Melbourne as Professor of Urban Futures at the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning. In this position he will further develop the Faculty's capacity to consolidate research in urban futures by drawing together and augmenting expertise in urban visualisation, urban analytics, and urban policy. Through this appointment he will build further on his research in the context of urban research and has returned to a more architecturally driven research dialogue contributing to continuing work on the Grand Challenges at the University of Melbourne (understanding our place and purpose, fostering health and wellbeing, and supporting sustainability and resilience) through his research from an urban perspective, cross-Faculty linkages, and the development of broader research and industry connections.
Prior to his new appointment he has been the Founding Director of the RMIT University's Design Research Institute (DRI), established in 2008 to collaborate across the entire university design community ranging from hard-core sciences and technology to applied arts. In 2001 he founded RMIT University's state-of-the-art Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory (SIAL) in Melbourne Australia, established as a holistic transdisciplinary spatial design research environment.